Residential Services


Waterproofing & Damp-proofing: Typical uses for fluid applied waterproof systems and waterproof sheet membranes are at below grade walls, foundations, planters and parking garages. Our expert team can handle any size job, and perform the completion of the job to comply with the complexity of the regulations and specifications of every individual job.

  • Below Grade
  • Walls
  • Split Slab
  • Drainage
  • Surface Drainage

Deck Coating

Atomic Coatings waterproof deck coating systems are top of the line. It can be applied over concrete and plywood decks. Waterproof deck coatings are multi-layered trowel applied systems, it is designed for pedestrian traffic use and decorative finishes. For the installation of tile, Atomic Coatings also provides a waterproofing option for tile. Waterproof deck coatings have different purpose and applications including: stairways, roof decks, walkways, residential decks, commercial installations, and many more.

  • Balconies
  • Roof & Pool Decks
  • Non-slip coatings
  • Re-surfacing
  • Decorative Systems
  • Re-surfacing

Caulking & Shower Pans

For new and replacement joints. There are different types of joints, product and application method is determined by our experts. For more details on this specific type of work our team experts can assist you with a more thorough inspection.

Hot-mop waterproofing system is used on shower pans and roman tubs.  It is a hot tar process, similar to a roofing application that is applied at hot temperatures to form a water barrier around the shower pan.  Prior to the installation of this system the area must be pre-sloped towards the drain that must be installed and set at the time of application.  The finished applied product will be left ready to float or thin set over and install tile or stone.

  • Expansion Joints
  • Pool Hard-scape
  • Exterior Hard-scape

Specialty Coatings

Our innovative flooring solutions and applications give our customers an answer to there flooring project. Our high performance floor coatings will provide you with a the unique surface finish and able to provide an enhanced decorative appearance.

  • Floor Leveling
  • Athletic Surfaces
  • Specialty Floors

Concrete Polishing

Polished concrete is an ideal floor finish for warehouses, retail, manufacturing facilities, garages, carports, show room floors and residential floors. The appearance of a glossy surface, polished concrete is relatively maintenance free, easy to clean and requires only occasional damp mopping. It also holds up well to heavy traffic. The multi step process with heavy duty polishing machines can result in a desired degree of shine and smoothness. The result is permanent and durable, improving traction and resisting marks. Its high reflectivity projects a bright, clan image, factored in with performances of concrete. Polished concrete is cost effective, clean comfortable, consumer friendly, creative, customized, classic and continual, making your floor look better than new.

  • Existing Surface
  • New Construction
  • Cleaning
  • Re-Surfacing

Specialty Services
  1. Budgeting: Provide pricing for all aspects of waterproofing and coating applicable to our company.
  2. Cost Evaluations: Provide technical specifications and recommendations, implement and deliver high standard solutions.  Prepare comprehensive quotes.
  3. Time and Material Work: Perform work on a fixed hourly labor rate plus the cost of material.
  4. General Contracting: Division 7 & 9
  5. Floor Leveling: Underlayment, slope and crickets.
  6. Specialty Flooring: Provide products meeting specifications and flooring requirements.
  7. Athletic Surfaces: Install indoor/outdoor sports flooring on tennis courts, basketball courts and gym floors.